HCA Certificate and Associate Degree Apprenticeships and Internships

Apprenticeships and Internships can be the difference between success and failure in college and in choosing a career.

Making college degrees work for you

Have you checked out the job market lately? One thing you'll find is that many jobs call for college degrees. But after all those years of study, you still wind up with a junior position.

Why? Because an employer doesn't know if you can actually put the information you've learned into practice until he sees you in action. Only then do you have a chance of moving up.

At the Hubbard College, we give you the opportunity to do an Apprenticeship in a business after each course. We first make sure you really know your course theory. Then we send you into a business with a specific assignment so you can make a meaningful contribution. You will document your apprenticeship assignments thus developing a portfolio to show future employers that you have practical experience.

When you apply for a job later on, you have a lot more to offer than other college grads - proven experience that gives you an edge when you apply for a job and a chance of getting a more senior position.

Using Apprenticeships in choosing a career

You can also do your Apprenticeships in different industries so you can find out what it's like to work in those fields. You can use this experience to help you in choosing a career, and it can also help you narrow down the type of job within that industry that will make you happy.

If you decide you'd like to specialize in one field or industry, we'll tailor your remaining courses.

Internships - where you pull it all together, and add to your portfolio

When you've finished all your courses and Apprenticeships, you do a final real-world business Internship to incorporate everything you've learned.

When you graduate, you take your portfolio with you to prove you already have the experience a prospective employer needs.

Lifetime Warranty

Apprenticeships are done for all our degree or certificate courses, and the Internship is your final qualification for an Associate Degree. If you're already employed, you can do the Apprenticeships or Internship on the job.

And if you ever have trouble getting the results you expect, you can take advantage of our Lifetime Warranty. Just get in touch with us, and we'll help you review what you need to handle the situation and make sure you are successful.

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