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"Using these successful marketing actions and applying the principles found in the Hubbard Administrative Technology, we more than doubled our revenues each year. Diskkeeper appeared on the Inc magazine list of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America for four years in a row."

— Craig Jensen
CEO Diskkeeper

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Art of Selling Workshop

What attendees are saying about the workshop:

"I want to personally thank the Hubbard College for well-delivered sales training. The course was very well put together. Additionally, our sales staff understood it with ease. We also pulled off our highest-ever quarter that very next quarter. I can say with confidence that your sales training contributed to the overall expansion and growth of Diskeeper."
-- Chief Operating Officer, Diskeeper Corporation

"I enrolled my whole team in the sales workshop. Every single one of them improved their sales. I am happy to announce that in the last quarter of this year our sales have increased by 100% over the previous quarter. Prior to the workshop, the sales year was looking bleak. Instead, we broke through and had our highest-ever sales and were the number 2 dealer in the entire country."
-- E.B.

"This workshop was so good that I attended a second time. After the last workshop I produced a highest-ever for our office."
-- Eric Jaramillo, Advanced Medical Group

"The week after attending one of your workshops, we scheduled five appointments with investors. We have already received a check from one of them. We did all this with 'high interest' per your workshop. Your superb instruction and drilling made it possible for us to utilize this knowledge immediately."
-- Donna Stranthan, Executive Director, PAC Leasing

"Although I am very new to sales and haven't had any training yet, I have learned about how to keep the interest of a customer. I am intrigued by the technique of drilling and can't wait to apply it once I am promoted to inside sales manager."
-- Carol Duetsch

"Great sales workshop!! I thought it was going to be boring, going over information I already knew and studied but it was truly incredible!! Learned lots of data and how to use the same information I thought I knew and used. Had a great day with a terrific speaker."
-- Diana Korringa

"I realized quite a bit today on how I am killing leads and how I can easily fix it. I also realized how I am a 'stable datum'--how my side needs to project stability. I can't wait for tomorrow."
-- Jessica Pettyjohn

"Today was great. It was awesome to go to the workshop a second time because I am getting different information from it! In a new unit of time, you know? And I really see how very important it is to stay in contact with our prospects and clients at all times! Thank you."
-- Terra Roeshke

"I am so happy. I have always felt like I was floundering with sales or convincing someone into something they were not 100% into. I feel like I am now well-equipped to handle these situations. Thank you sooo much."
-- K.L.

"Thank you for an incredible workshop. These tools are a must for every salesman. In an extremely competitive marketplace the skills gained in this workshop give me the edge I need to get the sales and to keep high interest in my products and my clients and my prospects. This workshop will repair the losses I have had on all past failed closes and furthermore will prevent additional failure from occurring."
-- D.K.

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