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"The management training we took at the Hubbard College has turned out to be a real lifesaver for us. Soon after our training we began applying it and the business flooded in. Anyone can have a successful business if they apply what they learn at the College. The management technology is simple, easy and fun, not to mention financially rewarding.""

— Alan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker
Court Reporting

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Sales Training

Effective sales people are very valuable to any business organization. Good salesmanship can be learned. This is an in-depth program designed to teach the student the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective and productive sales person.

The program covers basic study skills, communications skills, interpersonal relationship skills, business ethics, how to evaluate and predict human behavior, public relations and marketing surveys, and the fundamentals of personal selling and salesmanship.

Role-playing and drills are extensively used to help the student learn various sales techniques and skills.

A faculty-supervised Final Practical Application requires the student to use the knowledge and skills learned in the course to design and makes sales presentations to prospects and to close sales in actual personal selling situations.This program is recommended for:

  • people who have acquired occupational or professional training who can combine their backgrounds with sales skills to enter into a sales position associated with their specialty field, and
  • people who are currently employed in sales positions who want to improve their personal selling skills.

Program: Sales Training
Approximate Weeks:
Full Time: 40 Hours Per Week = 10
Half Time: 20 Hours Per Week = 20
Part Time: 10 Hours Per Week = 40


Instructional Clock Hours: 340
Semester Credit Hours: 11 1/3
Continuing Education Units: 34

Required Courses:

  • Basic Study Manual
  • Improving Business Through Communication
  • How to Get Along With Others
  • How to Get Along With Others Apprenticeship
  • Handling the Ups and Downs in Life
  • Handling the Ups and Downs in Life Apprenticeship
  • Personal Values and Integrity
  • Personal Values and Integrity Apprenticeship
  • How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior
  • Formulas for Business Success
  • Public Relations and Marketing Surveys
  • How to Create Want for Your Products Through Effective Sales Techniques
  • Sales Training Final Practical Application
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