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Featured Alumni

"The management training we took at the Hubbard College has turned out to be a real lifesaver for us. Soon after our training we began applying it and the business flooded in. Anyone can have a successful business if they apply what they learn at the College. The management technology is simple, easy and fun, not to mention financially rewarding.""

— Alan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker
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Financial Planning for Business Owners and Professionals

This program is a non-technical, non-accounting program which teaches small business owners and professionals how to manage their financial resources on a short term, medium term, and long term basis to increase profits and build reserves. The program includes basic study skills, management strategies, how to use statistics and graphs in decision-making, executive basics, planning skills, and financial management skills. All of these elements combine to enhance financial planning and decision making.

A faculty-supervised Final Practical Application requires the student to summarize the knowledge and skills learned on the course by setting up a financial planning system which improves the financial condition of a business or organization.

This program is recommended for business owners, professionals, executives and office managers.

Program: Financial Planning for Business Owners and Professionals
Approximate Weeks:
Full Time: 40 Hours Per Week = 7
Half Time: 20 Hours Per Week = 14
Part Time: 10 Hours Per Week = 28


Instructional Clock Hours: 240
Semester Credit Hours: 8
Continuing Education Units: 24

Required Courses:

  • Basic Study Manual
  • Formulas for Business Success
  • Management By Statistics
  • Executive Basics
  • How to Expand Your Company By Making Planning Become an Actuality
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Planning Final Practical Application