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Featured Alumni

"I attended a Productivity Workshop at the Hubbard College and it really opened my eyes to the fact that there actually was a workable technology that anyone could learn. I toured some businesses in Los Angeles that were using Hubbard Administrative Technology and I was impressed. I saw that these companies were growing and expanding and I wanted to know it for myself."

— Breanna Wells
Hollywood Production Studio Executive

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Doug Dohring

Doug DohringDoug Dohring is founder of The Dohring Company which, within five years, became a top-100 U.S. market research firm. He has also served as president and a director of a high-tech telecommunications equipment company that went public in 1997, and developed one of the most popular youth-oriented Web sites.

"Founded in 1986, The Dohring Company quickly became the largest provider of custom market research to the retail automotive industry. Assembling a strong management team capable of continuing the company's expansion enabled me to temporarily set aside my responsibilities for the daily operations of the company in 1995. I went on to become the president and a director of a high-tech telecommunications equipment company. In the first quarter of 1997, the company completed its Initial Public Offering at a valuation of $300 million on the NASDAQ.

"In 1998, my attention turned back to The Dohring Company to launch, a multimillion-member online market research panel and its vertical online business-to-business market research divisions— and Significantly, has rapidly become a leader in online market research in the U.S. Then, in early 2000, several partners and I acquired a new Web property and formed a company around it. Since then, this Web property has become one of the largest youth-oriented Web sites on the Internet, both domestically and internationally.

"Having used L. Ron Hubbard's Administrative Technology in every business activity and endeavor for nearly two decades now, his organizational concepts are always with me. Using these highly workable principles has become almost second nature to me. I use this technology in every aspect of operating my companies: management, personnel, marketing, finance, operations, quality control, public relations, and much more.

"Because there is such a breadth of his technology in the field of organization, there is always more to learn. In my years of using this technology, I know that if I seek out and apply it to a given circumstance, situation, or part of the business, things will inevitably improve. I am very grateful to L. Ron Hubbard for developing such a powerful and useful technology for business."