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"The management training we took at the Hubbard College has turned out to be a real lifesaver for us. Soon after our training we began applying it and the business flooded in. Anyone can have a successful business if they apply what they learn at the College. The management technology is simple, easy and fun, not to mention financially rewarding.""

— Alan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker
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Continuing Education Career Development Certificate Courses

Administrative Management

The administrative manager, whether in a large or small organization, must supervise office employees, design the office work systems, and maintain the communication systems both internal and external. This program develops the skills, attitudes and knowledge appropriate for the efficient and effective administration of organizations.
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Management Strategies

Businesses and organizations move through different operating states from infancy through maturity. They also experience different operating states on a shorter term basis. Whether or not an organization expands or contracts, endures or succumbs, is dependent upon the knowledge and ability to execute the correct management strategy for the correct operating state. This program addresses the stages of growth and decline and the appropriate strategies for each condition.
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Management Enhancement

The only reason that organizations struggle or fail to succeed is that the people who run them are missing the knowledge or skill to identify and handle the problem confronting the organization.
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How to Manage People

Management involves more than just knowing what should be done in a business or organization; it also involves knowing how to get others to do what should be done. Anyone in charge of others has to be able to get others to get things done.
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Financial Planning for Business Owners and Professionals

This program is a non-technical, non-accounting program which teaches small business owners and professionals how to manage their financial resources on a short term, medium term, and long term basis to increase profits and build reserves.
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How to Design an Optimum Organizational Structure

Most small businesses and professional practices begin with a few people who know all or many aspects of the business and the functions are handled according to who is available or most familiar or as needed. The distinction between duties, responsibilities and authorities are often not clear-cut. An organization run in this manner can never expand beyond a handful of employees.
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Improving Business Communication

One of the most important factors in the success of any business or organization is the speed and quality of communication. The ability to communicate can make or break your career.
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Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and public relations are the means by which any business or organization reaches its customers. Effective marketing and public relations determine the success of the enterprise. This certificate program teaches the basics of marketing, public relations and sales from the initial conception of a product or service, the packaging of the product or service, and taking the product or service out to the marketplace.
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Public Relations Basics

Good public relations is an important element of any business or organization. This program covers the basic elements of public relations including publicity, promotion, opinion research, special events and press agentry.
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Marketing Basics

Marketing is a vital function for businesses or organizations offering a product or service. This program provides an introduction to the basic elements of marketing. It covers basic study skills, how to conduct surveys and gather market information, advertising, sales promotion, development of advertising strategy, media strategy and sales promotional strategy.
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Sales Management

Without sales, no business can survive. The management of the sales function is vital to the success of any business organization. This program teaches the role of the sales manager in recruiting, organizing, training, compensating and managing the sales force.
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Sales Training

Effective sales people are very valuable to any business organization. Good salesmanship can be learned. This is an in-depth program designed to teach the student the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective and productive sales person.
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Sales Basics

The selling process from product knowledge, prospecting, sales presentations, and personal selling skills are covered. The program includes basic study skills, communications skills as well.
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Basic Skills for the Workplace

This program is designed to help the student deal with the day to day problems and stresses of the workplace more effectively and to increase the studentís potential job security.
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Improving Interpersonal Relationships

The ability to successfully work with all types of people, including those who are difficult to get along with, is vital to success at work.
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