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Featured Alumni

"Using these successful marketing actions and applying the principles found in the Hubbard Administrative Technology, we more than doubled our revenues each year. Diskkeeper appeared on the Inc magazine list of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America for four years in a row."

— Craig Jensen
CEO Diskkeeper

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Alan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Alan and Sheila Atkinson-BakerAlan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker started a company to deliver court reporting services over a decade ago in their family room. Today, the company grosses more than $13 million a year through offices in ten cities. For two years in a row Atkinson-Baker, Inc. was on the Inc 500 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies. They explain how it happened:

"The management training we took at the Hubbard College has turned out to be a real lifesaver for us. Soon after our training we began applying it and the business flooded in. That sounds like the answer to our dreams, but it was the beginning of another problem: how to live up to the demand of increased sales.

"Again, our training came to the rescue with the assistance we needed. We learned how to organize the company for more efficient delivery and also how to become the type of executives that it takes to successfully run a multimillion-dollar company. Today we have 80-plus employees and are affiliated with more than 400 independent-contractor court reporters. We had no formal business training, but by learning and applying Mr. Hubbard's Management Technology, we have pulled off all this! It's almost hard to believe, as we look back. But it's true.

"Anyone can have a successful business if they apply what they learn at the College. The management technology is simple, easy and fun, not to mention financially rewarding."